DO YOU offer make-up lessons?


At Swimwell Swim School, we do not offer make-up lessons. As one of the more private and specialised swim schools in Perth for developing individual skills for each swimmer, we have found it becomes unmanageable and can disrupt the class situations to offer make-up lessons. While the swimmer is away for a particular lesson the rest of the group can benefit with the extra time spent with them in that lesson.

Make-up Lesson Policy

Due to the constraint of our business, that is having one lesson running at one time, make-up lessons are not offered under any circumstances. Exceptions will not be made, so we kindly ask that you adhere to the policy to avoid disappointment of refusal.


What is your cancellation policy?

Lesson Cancellation Policy

If you want to cancel during the Term, the lessons taught will be charged at the full rate and a cancellation fee will also be included in the cost. 

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